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Iggy injury could determine Game 7

  • Iggy injury could determine Game 7
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The Golden State Warriors are sweating on the health of last year's Finals MVP, Andre Iguodala as game seven of the NBA Finals looms. 

After being named in the starting lineup for game six, Iguodala was only a shell of himself after suffering debilitating back spasms early in the first quarter, however, refused to give up on his team and clocked 30 minutes during the Warriors 115-101 loss in Cleveland.

The 32 year old veteran seized up in the opening stages, preventing him from moving laterally, reducing his ability to jump and to his credit, continued to push through the visible pain, however, failed to contribute in the ways we've become accustomed to seeing from Iguodala on the NBA's biggest stage.

Lebron James has been unstoppable in the last two games, averaging 41 points on 56 percent shooting, 12 rebounds, nine assists, three steals and three blocks and could continue his path of destruction if the Warriors are without the man best suited to stop him in Iguodala. 

Despite what the numbers above may imply, Iguodala's defence on Lebron James has been invaluable for the Warriors success.

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In the first five games, Lebron James drove to the basket just six times when Iguodala was his primary defender. Furthermore, during Golden States' three wins, James took seven shots and hit just two when Iggy was guarding the four-time MVP. 

These numbers are extremely impressive given Lebron's recent offensive domination and undoubtedly validates Iguodala's importance for Golden State's championship hopes.

If the Warriors can't get the best out of Iguodala for game seven, Lebron James could have another historic Finals performance and finally bring a championship back to the city Cleveland.

Cleveland Cavaliers @ Golden State Warriors
Game 7 - Monday 10:00am AEST

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